10 Million Reasons to be a Salesforce® Adoption Hero!

A typical enterprise with ~8000 sellers can save upto USD 10 Million annually by using a Digital Adoption Platform on their Salesforce to:

Improve sales productivity Reduce time to Seller Proficiency
Improve sales velocity.

Whatfix is calling Salesforce professionals to start their journey towards saving USD 10M, simply by creating an in-application flow (walk-through) for Salesforce.

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Sales organizations are struggling with CRM adoption

< 46% of Sellers use their company’s CRM

87% are ‘Not Satisfied’ with their CRM system

Yet, > 55% of Sales Managers are measured on how well their team adopts CRM.

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Reduced from

7.5 - 2.5 months

User Adoption time

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*Savings across content creation and updation, training, data quality, information search, support; potential increase in sales volume due to increased sales productivity

Disclaimer: These ROI estimates are based on the gains we have seen across our client base. However, the results may vary by company. Please treat the above estimates as indicative and reach out to us for projections specific to your business.

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