How Whatfix Remotely Onboarded 400 Employees on Its HCM Tool with Its Own Digital Adoption Platform

In this webinar, we will look at why HCM adoption is challenging, how does a Digital Adoption Platform help solve this problem, and showcase how Whatfix boosts the adoption of its HCM platform with its own DAP.
calenderThursday, Feb 18, 2021
calender10 AM ET | 3 PM GMT
Webinar presented by:

Dharshan Chandran

Product Marketing Manager, Whatfix

Sujoy Chaudhary

Digital Adoption Consultant, Whatfix


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Why Watch This Webinar

82% of HR leaders seem to struggle with employees’ adoption of their current HR technology, according to Gallup’s recent American Workplace Report. Employee Experience is a key driver of HR technology decisions. Some of the key reasons for the low adoption of HR technology are: Multiple applications, Ineffective user onboarding, Lack of knowledge retention and engagement, and Limited support resources.

A Digital Adoption Solution helps you solve these problems precisely and drive your HR technology platform’s adoption. It acts as a layer on top of your application, offers in-app guidance, self-service support, and delivers a seamless experience to your users.