The Leading Digital Adoption Platform for Enterprises

Whatfix helps you onboard, train and support both remote and in-office employees on enterprise software applications to drive adoption, cut training and support costs and improve productivity at scale.


Digital Adoption is the Way to Maximize Productivity and Drive Strategic Objectives

We created a purpose-built platform to help you drive the adoption of your org wide technology stack across every stage of the lifecycle and maximize productivity at scale.

Personalized Onboarding

Easily onboard users on to your enterprise software products getting them up to speed quickly on basic tasks and processes.

Self-Service Support

Provide self-service help within your software and relevant to your users' realtime context leading to quick resolution.

In-App Training

Deliver in-app training guiding software users through each step of the task in realtime to drive better software adoption.

User Behavior

Understand your employees' software usage patterns and design training to ensure they make the most of your tech stack.

Process Automation

Automate routine tasks across your enterprise applications helping employees and users save time and effort to focus on the important tasks.

Adoption Everywhere

Create content with Whatfix and easily convert to multiple formats like PDFs, videos while also integrating with your knowledge base.

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Multiple Applications. One Whatfix

Enterprise Wide Deployment

Deploy the Whatfix DAP across enterprise applications within a function or the entire organization.

Unified User Experience

Unify user experience and drive adoption across unlimited applications with Whatfix Enterprise.

How Sentry Insurance Benefits from Whatfix


lesser time and effort needed to generate training and support content for its software applications.


saved in one year on costs of training content production, support as well as gains due to improved productivity.


L1 support queries reduced in a year with end users ability to self-serve and easily access help content.



Amy Boldt

Learning Leader, Sentry

“From the beginning, the Whatfix team has been responsive and easy to work with. Resource savings worth about $950,000 can be used now for profit-generating activities from the couple of different deployments that we have done with Whatfix. We also have had a significant reduction in the number of support calls and an increase in employee productivity and user satisfaction.”


Adam Shapiro

Business Analyst, Cardinal Health

"For employees, Whatfix is a part of Salesforce now. They expect to find in-app training and answers. If it wasn't for Whatfix, there'd be very confused people on my sales team."

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