Develop Your Instructional Design Content Literally in Minutes

Whatfix Digital Adoption Platform helps your improve the efficiency of your instructional design courses by delivering learning content within your software applications empowering employees to learn better and faster on-demand.

Improve the Efficiency of Your Instructional Design Courses


On-demand Training Inside the App

Train your software users on-demand and right within the application reinforcing learning, helping employees train during the course of their work eventually saving hundreds of hours.

Easy Create Instructional Content

Easily develop instructional design content code-free within a few clicks and deploy immediately on your software product for employees to start consuming and learning while working.


Convert Content to Multiple Formats

Instantly convert your Whatfix instructional design content to multiple formats like documents, videos and slides with the click of a button.

Hear What Whatfix Customers Have to Say


"Whatfix has enabled Sophos to communicate process changes across a large and dispersed Sales team easily and effectively. The best bit is that users get the training when they need it in the system they work on day to day. Whatfix has saved us time and more importantly reduced errors."

Phil Walley

Senior Sales Operations Manager UKI & WER


"Whatfix is an incredible piece of software designed for business with the end-user in mind. We started with three platforms, quickly moved to five and about to add a few more. The biggest benefit is how easy it is for our employees to navigate through our systems and provide the correct information with the task at hand."

Vicki Sledge

Senior Training & Development Advisor

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