Make it Easy for Your Sales Teams to Use Salesforce®

With Whatfix, you can easily create custom learning paths for your Salesforce users helping you onboard, train and support them right within your Salesforce instance in realtime.


Maximize the Value of Your Salesforce Instance

We created a purpose-built platform to help you accelerate Salesforce adoption among your sales teams connecting every stage of their lifecycle.

Personalized Onboarding

Easily onboard users on to your Salesforce getting them up to speed quickly on basic tasks and processes.

In-App Training

Deliver in-app training guiding Salesforce users through every step of the task in realtime to drive better software adoption.

Process Automation

Automate routine Salesforce tasks helping employees and users save time and effort to focus on the important tasks.

Self-Service Support

Provide self-service help within Salesforce relevant to your users' realtime context leading to quick resolution.

User Behavior

Understand your employees' Salesforce usage patterns and design training to ensure they make the most of your tech stack.

Adoption Everywhere

Create content within Salesforce with Whatfix and easily convert to multiple formats like PDFs, videos and documents.

Accelerating Salesforce Adoption Drives Outsized Outcomes

Deploying Salesforce within your org is just the first step but driving business outcomes depends on how well users adopt Salesforce.

Maximize Team Productivity

Increase your sales teams' Salesforce proficiency faster and empower them to be more productive everyday.

Increase Salesforce ROI

Higher Salesforce adoption is key to driving the long term returns on your Salesforce investment.

Improve Sales Outcomes

Enable your sales teams to spend more time on core sales improving sales outcomes immediately.

Better Software that Delivers More for Your Business

Our customers love us because we empower them to maximize the value of their Salesforce and other platform investments.

Sentry Insurance saved nearly $950,000 in cost savings and productivity gains over a year with Whatfix. 

“From the beginning Whatfix has been easy to use and work with. The platform is intuitive and has been well received by our developers and learners, but I have to say it’s been the support and responsiveness of the Whatfix team that has made this impact for us.”

Amy Boldt - Learning Leader

Sophos uses Whatfix to deliver in-app training and support for its Salesforce users reducing sales ops cases by 15% every year.  

"Whatfix is a contributing factor to YoY 15% reduction in Sales Ops cases globally – that equates to roughly 12,000 cases a year less. Whatfix listens to feedback and provides regular feature updates – roughly on a quarterly basis. Support and guidance is excellent and I’m sure this will continue.

Phil Walley - Sales Operations Manager


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