A Framework For Better Salesforce® Learning and Adoption

Salesforce® applications offer customer facing teams immense capabilities to foster and manage relationships. However, these expansive features and the high level of organization-specific customizations can seem challenging for users. With 90% of classroom training forgotten within a week, how can application leaders drive learning and consequently drive the adoption of Salesforce® applications?
calenderWednesday, August 11
calender12 PM ET | 9 AM PT
Webinar presented by:

Ben McCarthy

Founder, SalesforceBen.com & Salesforce® MVP

Sashindar Rajasekaran

Digital Adoption Expert, Whatfix


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Why You Should Join This Webinar

Are you facing issues with Salesforce® Adoption? Are you curious about the best practices and tools used by the top companies in their Salesforce® implementation? Then, this is a must-watch session for you.

In this webinar, you will learn -