Analyst Report

A Buyer’s Guide to Digital Adoption Platforms in 2022

By Everest Group

December 09, 2021



How DAPs empower organizations for the future

By leveraging a DAP throughout the change process, organizations are able to ensure that new technologies have high levels of adoption, ensure industry compliance, reduce the burden and cost on support and training teams, and create intuitive employee experiences. A DAP ensures organizations are taking a people-first approach when rolling out their digital transformation initiatives - digitally empowering the individuals that make up their workforce, and ensuring the success and ROI of their transformation and change initiatives.


of DAP buyers said that the technology had greatly exceeded their expectations


of DAP buyers said that end-user functionality is the important capability they considered during the buying process


of DAP buyers broke even with their technology ROI within 24 months of implementation

Highlights from the report:

In this report, Everest Group analyzes survey-based research of DAP buyers to understand what key problems organizations are solving with a DAP, what their objectives are, what the core features and organizational benefits are, and the results and satisfaction across these buyers on the digital adoption platforms with the highest market presence. The report’s three main pillars focus on:

1. The evolution and maturity of a DAP implementation over time

This report dives into the maturity of DAP initiatives among organizations to understand where companies are in their DAP implementation process - and how objectives and strategies are refined as enterprises scale from general DAP piloting to institutionalizing a continuous, on-demand digital adoption strategy.

2. Understanding the objectives behind an organization’s DAP investment

DAP investments have evolved to support adoption everywhere. These solutions are utilized to improve and unify user, customer, and employee experiences - as well as aid in specific use cases such as employee onboarding, workplace training, on-demand performance support, change management, and digital transformation initiatives. This report showcases what the most common objectives are across enterprise companies.

3. ROI of DAP deployments from real buyers

Finally, the report analyses what type of ROI buyers can expect from their DAP investment. It breaks down the variations of returns that organizations find, depending on how well they have integrated a DAP into their larger business strategies. Everest Group also curates ratings from real DAP buyers on vendor performance on various capabilities and their relative importance as we head into 2022.

Whatfix is a leader among digital adoption platforms

Whatfix is a global DAP leader that enables organizations to extract the full value from their software tools while also empowering employees, customers, and businesses.

Enterprises spend billions on applications across multiple functions and yet employee adoption is low. Quick adoption ensures payback on software investments. Whatfix provides contextual, interactive, and real-time in-app user guidance resulting in:

35% increase in employee productivity

60% reduction in training time and costs

20% increase in application data accuracy

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